How To Keep Warm While Saving Energy?

The winter period is conducive to peaks in energy consumption. The cold outside encourages us to create a friendly atmosphere inside. We compensate for the lack of light with warm lighting. To relax, nothing beats a good hot bath. It may seem paradoxical, but winter is the ideal season to reduce your energy bill.

Insulation, The Best Anti-Waste Weapon

The more you block out the cold outside, the more you reduce your heating needs. Insulation is, first and foremost, a matter for specialists. Speak to a professional who, thanks to his expertise and sound advice, will help you make the right choice.

Don’t wait for the cold to set in to insulate your home. Plan the work before winter. Effective roof, wall, and window insulation can cut heating costs by almost half. Discover all the useful information in our article dedicated to insulation.

To prevent heat from escaping through cracks and gaps, use insulating gaskets. The investment is insignificant.

Placing a reflective film behind the radiators will prevent heat loss through the exterior wall.

Insulate the pipes in unheated rooms, such as the garage or storage room.

Lighting: LEDs, more LEDs, nothing but LEDs

In winter, we compensate for the lack of light with artificial lighting. Hence the importance of choosing energy-efficient lamps and bulbs. Lighting accounts for approximately 20% of annual energy consumption.

Replace your old incandescent lamps with LED bulbs, which are much more attractive in terms of consumption, lifespan, and color temperature.

Install presence detectors: with a presence detector, the light switches off automatically as soon as the person leaves the room. Thanks to this system, the lamps, therefore, never burn unnecessarily.

Use dimmers: a dimmable lamp consumes less energy than a bulb whose intensity does not vary. Rather than using the dimmer permanently, it is better to reduce the wattage of the bulb.

Are you a fan of Christmas lights outside and inside your home? Know that traditional garlands and other Christmas lights consume, on an annual basis, as much energy as an average freezer. By using LED lighting for your end-of-year decoration, you will save up to 75%.

Did you know that as a Luminus customer, you benefit from discounts of up to 60%? Visit our online LED store without delay. Learn more about Trading Carbon Credits here.

More Energy-Saving Technologies?

Do you want to be even more eco-responsible? Focusing on sustainable energies with e360 Power for example will reduce your consumption throughout the year. In consultation with a specialist, determine the measures best suited to your home and your lifestyle. Do not be put off by the investment, which is profitable in the vast majority of cases. The possibilities are endless:

Solar panels

Home Battery

solar collector

heat pump