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Metatrader 4 – A Comprehensive Review

Whether you are a CFD, forex, or futures trader, having a reliable trading platform is an essential aspect of your trading. Metatrader4 is one of the most popular trading platforms today.

When you download metatrader4, you can perform advanced trade operations, analyze financial markets, use a trading robot, and access deals from other advanced traders.

Here is everything you need to know about trading on metratrader4.

The system

Metatrader4 supports up to 3 trade execution modes. These are 2 market, 4 pending, 2 stop orders, instant execution, and trailing stop function.

With these functions, you can enjoy quick, one-click trading, especially when you need to execute direct trading orders from the chart. The metatrader4 system also comes with an inbuilt chat feature. This allows you to order trade entry and exit points promptly.

Technical analysis on Metatrader4 

MetaTrader 4 platform offers a wide opportunity for analytical analysis to its users. Every trade symbol is on a 9 time-frame display, making it possible for traders to get price changes details in real-time. The platform also has 24 graphic objects and 30 in-built technical indicators for a more comprehensive price dynamics analysis.

Because of the wide capability of the technical analysis feature in mt4, traders can combine different tools to identify trends, their strategy and determining trading points. By analyzing the market movements accurately, a trader is better placed to catch the best trade times.

Web trading on the metatrader4 platform

Mt4 is a trading platform that is compatible with most web browsers. It can be installed on any browser or operating system to start trading in no time. You only need to have a reliable internet connection.

On the metatrader4 web version, traders can also analyze currency quotes as they execute different trading operations. Trading on the web-based platform is also safe since data is encrypted before transmission.

With web trading, you also enjoy:

  • One-Click Trading
  • 9 time-frames, from a minute to a month
  • Reliable data protection
  • Compatibility with Windows, MacOS, Linux
  • Directly trading via a browser
  • Real-time quotes in Market Watch
  • Trading operations history
  • All trading orders types and MetaTrader 4 execution modes
  • 30 indicators and 24 graphical objects for technical analysis

Security and Convenience 

The MetaTrader4 trading platform is created with the highest security standards. The data exchange between the user terminals and platform servers is always encrypted for safety. The platform also supports RSA digital signature technology. With these features, users can rest assured of the protections of their trading accounts.

The platform is also equipped with a set of advanced trading and analytical features. This is offered on the platform’s user-friendly interface for an easier understanding of the operation functions. Setting up an account only takes a few minutes, after which you can start trading on the platform. There is a detailed manual for new users.

Metatrader4 mobile trading option 

You can trade forex or any other form of commodity on the metatrader4 platform from your android, iPad/iPhone devices. With this compatibility, you can trade online wherever you go.

The metatradr4 mobile application is your daily trading assistant and work tool. With the app on your phone, you can trade in different markets and even access your trade analysis and service round the clock.

With mobile trading, you enjoy:

  • 9 time-frames, including M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1, and MN
  • access anywhere and anytime
  • complete control over the trading account
  • all order types and MetaTrader 4 execution modes
  • 24 analytical objects
  • Financial market news
  • 3 chart types, including Bars, Japanese Candlesticks, and a broken line
  • 30 technical indicators
  • free chat for communicating with other traders

Metatrader4 and Trading robots

Using metatrader4 as your ideal trading platform allows you to use automated trading bots for your trades. These robots can analyze trade quotes and execute favorable trading options for your trading style. This relieves you from the routine of trading and analyzing the market every day.